Looking for a 3D modeler to to finish a lamp design for 3D printing

The lamp (wall hung sconce) is a basically the shape of a human ear. You are not expected to model the ear part from scratch. I can provide a clean model to start with (or you can find one that you think is better, and I can pay for that).

The tricky part is creating a “shell”, or thickening the ear to the right millimeter dimensions so as to properly diffuse light. There will be a second piece / shell that the front piece sits in.

I tried modeling this all in Fusion 360, so I have some starting reference models & renders from Keyshot, and I can provide sketches for more exact things that I’d like it to do. I think it just requires a Blender expert since it’s more suitable for meshes & organic shapes, but correct me if I’m wrong here. I’d like this design to be a clean, quad-mesh in the end.

I am just an individual designer doing this for fun, as sort of an art project that I might end up producing and selling. I am not sure the expertise level or time required to do this but this is a paid job, so please let me know your rate and we can discuss from there. I don’t have a strict deadline, but ideally would like this to be done by the end of March.


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