Looking for a 3D Set Designer for a SiFi based Game


my name is Sebastian an i´m the main developer on this project. and im looking for a person who has some basic skills in modeling in Blender, specially on Low Poly Modeling Space parts stuff (ships, station, etc.). You don´t need to be a professional, the main requirement is that you will have fun to create models and you can work independent and bring in a lot of creative ideas and you are willing to learn :). the only limitation is that you should be located in (Germany -> Hamburg, or Berlin) because this team should work closely together in the future.

some Facts on the Project:

  • its a Top Down/Perspective Space game with a chilling Story (not the main part of the game)
  • you will build, fly, upgrade many Ships and Shiptypes
  • there will be a complex skilltree and also 4 different types of extending the game expirience (like research, and skill by use)
  • there will be an economic part to create, grow and optimise your empire wich is complex but comprehensible (flow of Goods, resources, and materials)
  • a deep build crafting system with some advanced features for an easy handeling of the huge amount of possabilities.
  • Building Stations and even whole Complexes within an Area to create a Workflow within 1 Station.
  • Building Defense in Tower Defense Style.
  • Exploration and Scouting for new Areas and Resources (and enemies^^)
  • Second Step: indirect Multiplayer functionallity

the whole Game targets to a simulation based solution where mainly all activities and Events should be reasonable (not allways physical correct). So the Gamer will see the Flow of the Goods by transporters and/or drones. and every action will cause reactions, like when a missle turret shoots he will run out of ammo soon. so you need to provide ammo on it.
therefore a drone needs to pickup some missle from the warehouse or some factory.
So the Player will see and feel what his production is doing and where does his resources will flow :slight_smile:

but there should be also a big part of the game where you need to fight, scout and even to do some riddles.

all other Things we can discuss 1 to 1.


I can’t do this, as I’m an animator, not a modeller, but I’m impressed by the amount of thought you’ve put in. This project could actually go somewhere.

thanks, first i thought about to upload the “Design Paper” but on one hand its in German and on the second for someone who is not involved in this project it might be only confusing and missleading.

maybe some additional Information to my Person and my work made in the past:
im working now for about 10 years as Developer in different companies and also as Coach and Software Architect.
The Idea for this game came in the late 2013 and the development of the first approach was started in the early 2014 (february).
i build up my own Game Engine based on SharpDx und C#. in July i decided to switch to Unity because of the growing complexity of building my own Editor and Story/Goodsflow Editor.