Looking for a 3D team

(Daniel) #1

I am planning on remaking the Eragon movie in 3D. I’ll be doing it in either Blender or 3DS Max, if either of those two work better for me.

Things I’ll need for the remake:

  1. 3D environment artists
    I’ll be needing some environments for the remake. I’ll need at least three very talented environment artists who can build the mountains, plains, etc. for the film.

  2. VFX artist
    I’ll be needing at least one talented Adobe After Effects user for the Ancient Language in the film, most notably the fire effect. If one of you want to help with the VFX once the film’s done, contact me through private message and I’ll get back to you.

  3. Voice Actors
    I’ll need at least ten voice actors who can be voicing several characters as well as their main cast. Five males and females will I need for the voice acting.

  4. Soundtracks and sound effects.
    The important things for the movie. There’s some soundtracks about the Eragon film on YouTube, you can listen to it for inspiration. As for sound effects, at least three people will I need.

So, there you have it. The things I’ll need for the remake of the book-turned-movie adaptation of Eragon. If any of you have questions, don’t be afraid of letting me know them.

(Lincoln Deen) #2

The eragon movie didn’t nearly do the Inheritance Cycle justice!!! But I would love to help out for the environments, and maybe lighting/lookdev if that’s helpful. I am pretty busy and can’t really do a ton, but this sounds like an awesome project and I’d love to help.

(david hart) #3

I have achieved a 2.1 in Computer Animation at Portsmouth University last year and I have spent these last few months refining some skills at the University of Dundee for a Masters Degree. During my time at Dundee I had sessions on new subjects such as storyboarding, scripting and concept art. With these skills and full of confidence and can adapt to any assignment that you task to me to do.
Oh, and I did drama for my GCSE, so I could do voice if you want.
I am a very reliable, focused, diligent person who always goes the extra mile to meet deadlines and can handle pressure better than most people. Also, I enjoy adding ideas and angles to story and characters. It is these values that I can bring for me to develop.
Here is my website at https://www.purpleplatypus.art/
If you want to get know me better just contact me with my email address which is [email protected]

Regards Rob

(cubicApoc) #4

This sounds cool. I’m good at skies, sound effects, and can do decent environments. Here’s my ArtStation. Admittedly, it’s almost all scifi, but fantasy can get pretty close to that.

(Leonard Siebeneicher) #5

Mh … this could be challenging.

Is someone doing storyboards?
How do you organize collaboration?
Do you have access to computing power, for animation rendering?

I am interested, but I like to start small. Mainly modelling, texturing.
(p. Ex. modeling parts, which could be used inside a landscape. )

(Cristiano) #6

I’d really like to join this project. References: facebook.com/cristianoartworks/

I can put maybe 2 hours in week days but I have plenty of time in the weekends.

(Daniel) #7

To everyone still interested, I am doing a Space Wars movie instead of the Eragon remake. I’ll be needing the same things as above, and I’ll be animating the whole thing without storyboards.

I don’t like to do after some images for animating my movie. I’ll just need a stronger computer than my laptop to do the original film in a style like Star Wars by George Lucas. Although they’ll be the same, there’ll be no copyright holders for the film I’m going to make.

I’ll make the movie in Autodesk Maya after gaining some experience with the 3D program by an teacher in three-dimensional teachings. What I can say, is that it’ll be a two hour movie like the length of Star Wars is. There’s going to be an ending to the trilogy of movies, though, I am uncertain which ending it should have.

Reply to this comment if you’re interested in working for my non-profit film in a team of artists. I’ll be planning the setting as soon as I get my new computer next year, hopefully.

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