Looking for a Blender artist to make our dream game

Hi! My name is Marius. I am a software developer with a lot of experience in Unreal Engine 4 and 5. I have developed a game idea that I want to make a reality, but my area of expertise is programming and not 3D modeling, so I need one or two 3D modelers to join me on this project. I am looking for someone who can create realistic high-poly models and scenes, not a beginner. What I offer in return, is an equal split of any profits made from all sales of the game (if we get the game developed, I will be releasing it on Steam).

The game story takes place on a spaceship, so it is very much a typical sci-fi setting. Here are some very early screenshots of a test level of the game. This level was created with some assets from the Unreal store, it is not necessarily what will be in the final game but it given a rough idea of the level of quality I am looking for.

If you are a Blender artist and a sci-fi fan, and you are willing to work on a volunteer basis for now with an agreement of fully shared profits when the game is released, I would very much like to hear from you!

Have a good day, and happy new year! May the new year be very prosperous :slight_smile:


Hey Marius I would love to volunteer for your project, I am looking to build up my portfolio to the next level and have over 4 years experience. Could you send my a small list of assets or references that I could 3d model for you. My email is [email protected]

hi marius i’m very good giving shapes to the characters, i work with daz studio but all can go back to blander with. i got 2 years experience and more on my own and i can give cool ideas for the game too.here is my email miguel.diaz1716 @gmail.com so u can sand me work that u want me to help with.

Hi there i will be your professional 3d artist of game development i have 7 years of expereience in making game assets and environments using blender.

Hi! I would like to collaborate on your project, please check my portfolio here:


Best regards.

Hi i want to help, please email me at [email protected] greetings. i am digital animator, have like 10 years in blender, i’m still amateur but maybe i can help