Looking for a character designer

(oiashjndo) #1

Hi I’m looking for a good character designer
I have some photos of the model that I want and you will have to make I’m price is flexible showing past work can give you an advantage for all interested email at [email protected] or discord DM at

(alf0) #2

what kind of modeling your asking for ?
low or high

(Jerzy Górski) #3

If I understood you correctly (which was difficult) you are not looking for a character designer but for character modeler.

(oiashjndo) #4

Yes I’m I have a photo of the model but u need someone to do it

(oiashjndo) #5

I’m looking for this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/524851039585697792/524884312252874756/5167-troll.jpg

(alf0) #6

your looking for something like this ? or is it this is what you want to be created !!!

(oiashjndo) #7

Something like this

(alf0) #8

ok thats great !!! i have send you my artstation link!!!

(Roninfang) #9

sent email