Looking for a Geometry Nodes expert to fix bugs and optimize a project.

Hi there!

I’m still quite new to GN and I have built a set of models that I’m starting to animate. This showed few bugs in the models that are only apparent in motion and I’m not able to solve some of them myself very fast. And time is dear. So I’m looking for someone to hire to work alongside me and fix those small bugs, while I can continue preparing the animation. The work will be dispersed through the coming days and most should not be too difficult to resolve to someone well oriented in GN I believe. (I dare to say my nodes are well organized and labelled.)

If you are interested, please reach out via DM, with some examples of work, timezone information, and your hourly rate.

If you would like to see some of my own work for reference, see here for example: https://springs.video/video/a-guided-tour-through-glare-and-then-everything-stayed-the-same/

Be well!

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