Looking for a good tut for texturing.

im pretty new to texturing, i always would just bake a AO on my models and say ooh pretty then be done with it. since most of it was simply for practice i never assumed i needed texturing just yet but now im on that level and i just have no idea to make a half decent looking texture. ive tried painting, gimp everything but i just dont get it. it looks like a toddlers first finger painting. if anybody knows of some good beginner tuts for texturing that would be great and even better if there are any free ones out there :stuck_out_tongue:

A quick google for “textures” gives many results including this: http://www.cgtextures.com/ “Texture Library” or “Free Textures” can be good searches too.
As for making textures, personally I’d use photos and adjust them to work better (For example to make them tile). Also, try mixing and matching textures or layering them. Adapt other’s textures or modify procedurally generated textures (Noise, Clouds etc.)
Here’s tutorials for Paint.NET (Can probably be adapted for other programs, Paint.NET is free if you wanna get it though): http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/28-textures/
According to this: http://www.ehow.com/how_4478530_make-seamless-texture-gimp-website.html
You can use Filter>Map>Make seamless in Gimp to make any photo tileable.
-Hope I helped

There’s a number of great videos both on BlenderCookie and at BlenderGuru. A lot of what I’ve learned (particularly with Cycles) came from those two.

Wow, the getpaint website is really good!