Looking for a helicopter model

(nemesis) #1

I’m looking for a model of a helicopter, either post a link here or email them to [email protected]. Thanks for the ones who reply.

(iluvblender) #2

Hey dude.

This one i made couple of months back. It has poor texturing and some of the features i have changed to my own specs.

But i think the below links will get u going



I could not model it perfectly then.

I wish u good luck at modelling it.

have fun.

Blender Rules.


(sten) #3

I thought these kind of stuff were supposed to be under “I made this” - forum…so you guys in the top…please post further on in that particular forum if you want to do it right :wink:


(nemesis) #4

blenderworld: the first link didn’t work, and I didn’t find a blend file anywhere. I also might already have a model of that helicopter, but I’m not sure.

(Nayman) #5

I have a helicopter model.

what type did you have in mind?

(nemesis) #6

the type that they have in the matrix.

(Nayman) #7

sort of…

(nemesis) #8

could I see it?

(Nayman) #9



(pannomatte) #10

It still needs some work, but check out my Ram Jet Hovercraft Pickup Truck Boat…
What do you need it for…

(nemesis) #11

the link doesn’t work nayman, it just brings me to the website of topsites.com or whatever. I tried copying and pasting the link AND downloading it with bullet proof ftp, still doesn’t work.

(nemesis) #12


(Nayman) #13

It works!

copy and paste it into your browser window

(Nayman) #14

It works!

copy and paste it into your browser window

(nemesis) #15

now it works. That’s not quite what I’m looking for, it should be the type that there isn’t a door on both sides, the types that they use in the army. ( and in we were soldiers)

(thunderbird) #16

can’t help with a model, but the helicopter you are looking for is the bell UH-1 ‘Huey’ (i think!):
lots of pics there for modelling

(Nayman) #17

no, its not a huey in the matrix…

i am an aviation buff, but i cannot place iot, watch the movie, she asks for flying instructions for a… and names it…

i think its a P2

(nemesis) #18

some of those helicopters look like it (the pictures of the helicopters without sides). That would work, and even the others I could live with. Do you have a model of any of those helicopters for blender? (or something that I could import)

(nemesis) #19

come on people

(nemesis) #20

now since I’m done with my networking, I’ll be going back to blender. So I really need a helicopter model now! Somebody please give me a link to a model of a P2 helicopter.