Looking for a Low Poly Modeler


I need someone to make 3 low poly models. One will be a weapon, one will be a machine and the other will be a prop. The pay is $65. Please e-mail [email protected] if you are interested.

(Altohamy) #2

Hello ,
My name is kamel Altohamy(3d developer-Animator)
since 2010, i have done alot of projects including (Arch Viz-3d enviornments-game assests creation-animated chaarcters-3d products).

(Rogar Furyfist) #3

Good day. I’m interested in hearing more about the project.

(egonator) #4

Hi, can you send more info? Can make it, but it is so far very unspecific about complexity of the models, even they are supposed to be low poly.

(Cjradical) #5

I’m very interested in helping with your project. Will message you for more details.

(Spase Maker) #6

There is an example of a model of the desired quality, and 2d sketches of the necessary models?