Looking for a mentor

(Sigma X) #1

Hello I’m looking for a mentor to teach me a few things about blender.
I’ve been through the internet and back and no luck. So, I’ll keep it simple I’m looking for someone to teach me how to make 3d web comics, and if interested partner up to make comics for a community, for further details please message me.

(BrockyL) #2

well, thats a complicated task One cannot teach other ones what they are unwilling to learn and the simpliest solution is to teach them what they love so they won’t forget the overly simplified tutorials you prepare for them when if you really want to associate yourself with a discipline, you will abstract the most archaic/obfuscated idea’s. Try this first sit down and draw but do not think about anything yet just follow a simple rule of hand for a technique, either make the most amount of marks by say(crasshatching, tracing(around lines) or blotting and erasing) while following the fealing in your mind and when you enjoy the freely associated thoughtless progression then you will have the frame of mind to bring about larger scale idealogically driven peaces of work.

(erickBlender) #3

It is all depends on what you want to do in Blender. Here is My Blender Facebook page add me and ask anything you want want and if you want to chat or google hangout feel free to ask. https://www.facebook.com/erick.blend

(edgel3d) #4

If you can’t follow tutorials etc, the only course is to have a real-life tutor, someone you can either be with and be taught, or hook your PC’ss up with Teamview or similar. The latter can bring problems, the former by far the most satisfactory.

(Sigma X) #5

Thanks everyone, Sorry for the late reply, and I’ve improved quite a but just a few more things to learn and need assistance with. I hope to get in contact with those interested and work with them.