Looking for a modeler/animator for a Steam Greenlight project

Hello all!

A few months ago I posted an alpha build of my video game to steam Greenlight, which, unfortunately, received more dislikes than likes. The reason why it was not ready for Greenlight was mainly because of its graphics, animations, and textures. I am an experienced programmer, and the art of modeling is far out of my reach (you would not like to see my attempts at modeling haha). The models in my game right now are those off of the blender community that I downloaded and gave credit to the artist. However, at this point with my game, I really am starting to realize that I cannot make it far by myself without being decent with art. So, this is my request to see if there is anyone out there that would be interested in modeling, animating, and texturing assets for me to use in my game. Of course, with Greenlight, there isn’t any revenue unless the game gets onto the Steam store. I’m very certain that if we can form a small team, this project of mine (would be our project with a team of course) can have great potential. The game itself is almost in the top 100 of Greenlight games at this moment, so fixing it up and making it look much prettier in the next few months should easily push it into that range.

Details about the game:

The game that I have created (I’ve been programming with Javascript in Unity 3D for about 5 years now and have created many projects, but this is certainly my strongest one) is called, “Craft of Combat” but I am certainly open to renaming it. It is an FPS with a spin as to how the gameplay takes place. Here is a quick description of how the game works:

“This Alpha version of the game offers two different types of game modes: Campaign and Free Play. Campaign mode consist of a fortress versus fortress type of battle with multiple neutral outpost inbetween, in which you, the player, are able to upgrade your base, your gadgets, and yourself. Start off a mission by buying inital troops to come fight with you to try and capture some neutral bases to gain an advantage on the enemy. Then go back and upgrade your base’s defence as well as build more structures to allow for more troops in spawn in. Capture or destroy the enemy headquarters to achieve victory! Free mode consist of you, the player, being able to craft whatever type of combat you wish to watch or battle in. Place multiple different types of friendlies and enemies on the battlefield, and then either go and fight with them or watch them fight from above. Craft of Combat offers customizable classes as well, that offer a variety of different weapons and gadgets to use when in combat.”

The game is definitely not your average FPS, as it allows for the player to create his/her own massive army to go and fight with. I am certainly open to any new ideas that you, the modeler, would have about the game or would like to change about it.

What I would need you to create:
As for the creation of the models, I would need a variety of different assets that you would see in an FPS game. This ranges from guns to character models to vehicles and so forth. I know these models take time to make, and I have no deadline as to when I would need anything by. I’m just looking for a dedicated artist whom can model assets for me when he/she has the free time to do so. I have a very busy life as well, but I develop this game for fun in my free time, and that is what I would desire you, the modeler, to do as well. I would do all of the programming for what you would create.

If you have any questions at all, please email me at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to answer them. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this, and hopefully some of you will express an interest to help me create a project that certainly has the potential to reach Steam stores! Also, I would like to thank those whom made it possible for someone like me to ask a community like this for help. You all are awesome, thanks so much!

-Matthew Barry

It does sound like an interesting protect and I wish you the best of luck. By the sound of things you don’t need 1 modeller working part time but more like a team of 3 - 5. With just 1 person in their free time it would take years to get good models for everything in the game. I recommend making a list of all the assets you will need in the game, thin the list down a bit and then try and get a couple of people to get involved.

You are absolutely right. Right now I have two people who say they are dedicated and willing to start modeling for the project, which is extremely exciting news! Hopefully we can get this project moving on the right track, and anyone else who is interested with this project is still most certainly able to email me. A team of 3 is very nice, but I would not mind one bit expanding that team to 4 or 5. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement Ben! Cheers!

I’m not that good with modeling but I would love to help animate!!! my email is [email protected] if your want to proceed this process!!