Looking for a modeler

I’m making a horror video game codenamed: Project TMF. It’s will be developed in Clickteam Fusion’s 3D addon Firefly. I will compose the score, sfx, jumpscare sound, voice acting, and will program it but I can’t model it as my graphics are ugly and unbearable. I’m looking for a Nintendo 3DS quality modeler but in 720p instead of 240p. I won’t pay but I will split the money gained from the game. I’ve been working on this concept for 8 years now and I will never give up on it. So if your interested PM me or email me. Hope I can finally finish this once and for all! Anyways later. :smiley:


Why is nobody commenting yet newer threads get them?

im newbie here, but i think i can help you, check my portfolio

private message sent