Looking for a programmer to solve an issue in Blender

Hello , looking for a programmer or a team to help solve an issue with the depth pass in Cycles, blender 2.79b and 2.8.

hum, there are only a few devs that comes here, you may have more luck by searching on blender network. You can also try to contact BlenderFoundation.
Just out of curiosity, what is the issue that you encounter ? maybe it’s something that’s already investigated or a known limitation …

@sozap thank you for the answer! I have issues with the noise on the depth pass. I searched a bit and apparently blender does only 1 sample of the depth pass, and no denoising. I would like to access that and be able to set samples and denoiser .

hum, yes it’s annoying , have you looked into mist passes ? it’s similar to depth but with aliasing support, better transparency handling ect …
Maybe the one sample thing with Depth is for optimizations purpose… Or maybe by doing several samples values gets interpolated and numbers gets wrong . When for instance you have motion blur , one pixel could share the value of the moving object and the background , you then get a value between both.

the mist is even messier, I posted the job looking for somebody to solve the issue, I unfortunately have tried all the solutions that I could find and none worked

Ok , thanks for taking time to answer !
you can try to get in touch with one of them : https://www.blendernetwork.org/members#q=&page=1&skills.development=Blender%20Core
But maybe contacting Ton and the BF could be more effective !

you´re the kind of user I did this video for:

I made a MATERIAL to override scene with DEPTH. If you grasp the concept let me know to send it to you.
Part of my future release on patreon.

@DavidRivera thank you a lot for the video! I already implemented more or less all the things you mentioned here, what I have is just a really noisy depth pass and an unusable mist pass, so I can^t export to other software like Ae of Fusion to create procedural effect , and also in Blender they are unusable, creating noise on a perfectly clean render

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The depth pass doesn’t have ‘noise’, it is a data pass. Data passes are not anti aliased because that would mangle the data.
Your issue is a lack of compositing experience, Cycles output in this regard is the same as any other engine.

I don´t ever use the native depth or miss pass from Cycles. To me it´s not accurate, and exactly like you mention: it doesn´t play well with others.
Arm your depth pass shader like this and override:

Then, play with the distance to camera and the color ramp for sharpness.
Yeah. Eeevee, get your depth pass straight from viewport. Replicate for 2.79
Took me a good month to arrive to this setup so I hope you exploit it.

@Ben_Morrison the depth shader is fun, I agree, but it’s not really effective when you have dozens of materials and many are textured plans with alpha, like leaves from trees. you simply can’ t override that and you need to modify and material independently, keeping the alpha and changing the diffuse part to emission , or doing a group and adding it to every single material. quite time consuming

Agreed. You should’ve mentioned what your scene was. In the case of a dense scene, last solution is to render zdepth normalized after render from the compositor. Samples should be high from cycles.

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