Looking for a senior animator


I have a character model (consisting of a set of meshes, 4 heads of different races, 6 clothes, shoe, boot, gloves, shoes, boots, gloves, a total of 51000 vertices) that needs to be rigging(skin/rig) by Rigify. I am using 2.79b now, I have not touched 2.80, so the work based on 2.79b is better, but this is optional.

The Character

I need Rigify controls on rig to help easily posing. For example, the character is often climbs ladders, so it is very important that there is a control to help posing the hand clenching on the rail.

rig control like this

The character is made for Unity3d game, so the rig should meet Unity3d requirement. As photos shown. Eyes and chin should animatable.

Unity bone struct

Of course, I am looking for quality. If your skin/rig is satisfactory and you are familiar with animation, we will make 3 animations for the character in next step. There are more animations on the to-do list.

My budget is $100, for skin/rig and animations. If all goes well, this work will continue for several years.

I only like to work with individuals. No agencies please!

If your interested let me know.

Please feel free to contact me via Blenderartists or via my email: [email protected]

Thank you!

Just a little suggestion: correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me that what you are looking for is a rigger, not an animator. Of course there might be some people able to do both things with proficiency, but on a professional level rigging and animation are usually separated jobs, specially if you are asking for senior quality. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks, Duran
I didn’t realize that animation and rigging are strictly separate jobs.
The “worker” character model I have already has rig, but it is not accurate. I need to re rigging it.
This rig is for professional animators and myself to create and modify animations. I am not an animator, I will not use it often. However, I may hire other animator to work on it, so I hope that rig is standard enough to meet the needs of different animators. A rigger is wanted for this part of job.
And, I need to make three clip of animations for “worker” now, and more in the future. Therefore, these animations is the job of the animator.
Hopefully, someone can do both with qulity.

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