Looking for a small team for making an animation

Hi everyone,
I’m making an animation but for that I’m looking for a small team of dedicated people who have a little free time. The story is about a pirate who falls in love but is punished for eternity by the woman’s father for doing so. Here you can read the script. The animation will be about 4-6 minutes and made in Cycles Render.

Currently, these are the open places:

  • Modelers (3 places left)
  • Riggers (1 places left)
  • Animators (3 places left)
  • Some people for texturing, adding materials etc (1 places left)
  • Artists (for planning customs, objects or doing storyboard) (3 places left)
  • Some people for setting up lights (3 places left)
  • Some for adding some special effect (2 places left)
    It doesn’t matter if you are not professional, this project can help you thrive while having fun, so don’t be afraid.

If you are interested or have questions send a comment or write me via email with “The Albatross” as subject. ([email protected]). Please if you have a portfolio or video or something you made send it in the email too. Also I have a few things done already (for example: the ship, a character with no textures yet, some sets etc) so if you would like to see those just let me know and I’ll send pictures of it.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey there! this sounds pretty cool. I’m a fairly good animator with a bit of time to spare every now and than. I’d be happy to take a role as and animator if you want. :slight_smile:

i really like this i really want to become apart of an animation one day even if it,s short, i am a modeler ,and an artist, i also know about texturing, but i like to model thing,s
the only thing that keep me not want to join is that people,s hate it when i am not around online so often because my internet is so suck,s , so if this is ok whit you, that,l be cool by me :slight_smile:
you can see my DA art , 2d art and 3d model,s in my signature
good luck

Hi there, If you give me an email address, I can send you more information about the animation and answer any questions you have. :slight_smile:

Hi there, If you give me an email address, I can send you more information about the animation and answer any questions you have. :slight_smile:

Modeling and texturing would be great. If you can’t be online a lot, that’s okay but please make sure that we can do contact you at least once a week. There’s going to be a Skype talk-over-everything-session weekly to see how things are going and it would be great if you could join at least twice a month if that can be somehow arranged (or at least once). By the way, is the email you have [email protected] still valid?

this is great, ill try to be online once a week, and yes this is my only email, :slight_smile:

Great! :slight_smile: I’ll send an email. :slight_smile:

What kind of style will the film be in?

I’m interested in volunteering as storyboard artist and/or animator.
I could also do some modeling if you’re not going for hyperrealism.

cool ill check it out

Well, the plan is to make it as realistic as we can, so if it’s only slightly realistic because that’s we managed to do, then that’s fine. I hope that answers your question well :slight_smile: And a storyboard artist would very helpful. If you send me an email we can discuss more things and answer any questions you have :slight_smile:

Sounds good! My email is [email protected]

Okie dokie :slight_smile: I’ve sent an email containing some information. :wink:

If there’s anyone who still wants to be a part of this project, add me on Skype (Selene2369). We have a Skype meeting this Saturday at 6PM CET. :slight_smile: