Looking for a small team

I’m looking for 2 or maybe 3 people willing to work on a game prototype with me. This prototype should show how the game works, feels, controls and looks. It will not be a full game, just one small level.

And the game in a few words is this:
-free roam
(More details will be given to people interested in helping)

For this prototype I would like to focus on coding so I need someone to make a few models for me and animate them, also someone who can take care of the sounds and music.

If interested please show me something you made so I can see if you match the style I want for the game, also feel free to ask questions.

Hi Josip,
I would be interested in working on some assets for your game, I have worked on a game before and know its best to aim for smaller goals rather than trying to design a whole game from the start which is much harder. I’d like to make something if you have a style in mind or some art which I can work off? For the moment I just made a low poly tree, from looking at your blog seems like thats what your into, took maybe 10 minutes but I’d be very interested in making more that style unless you were thinking otherwise? Looking forward to hearing more.

That tree would fit right in. You can add me on skype and I will give you some reference images to model from.

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What are you programming in? If your using webgl I would be interested. I program also, but I still have a lot to learn and would like to work with others to speed up the learning process.

Also I do a little 3d work, here is a model I did two nights ago. (took two hours)

Also here is a link to another model I did a while ago for a job I was trying to get. I used sketch up and imported it to blender. I could easily do better but it was for a remodeling job and the model didn’t matter, it was just to represent the design of the kitchen. https://skfb.ly/JuHI

If you are still intersested, I do 3D-modelling and animation, too. I normally do low-poly but I do not have a problem working with another artstyle.
I put some of my work on my tumblr-blog: http://dancing-polygon.tumblr.com/.