Looking for a Smoke Master

I’ve spent a week and a half pulling out my hair trying to do this myself, and now I concede. I’m working on a documentary and the director wants a 3D model of a turbidite- an underwater avalanche that then shoots across the bottom of the ocean. Scientists have been able to recreate them on a small scale in labs, but the director wants to show what it would look like in the ocean. I can do the ocean, but I’m having issues with the turbidite itself. This is what I need:

And this is what they look like in motion:

If you think you could make a large scale model of this, shoot me an email [email protected] and let me know what you would charge. Deliverable would be a blend file so I could import the turbidite into my ocean scene and work out a camera move with the director.


E-mail sent.

Tried to send you an email but it was rejected. I put together a new concept for the turbidite sim. Low res render looks like this: PM if interested.

Job filled. Thanks everyone.