Looking for a Tank Model with Animations for a Unity 3D Game

Hello there ^-^

I’m looking for a Tank Model to use in my Unity 3D Game.

To get a little bit more Background I’m trying to recreate something like the “Girls und Panzer”-Animee.
For that I’m looking for a Tank-Model with 4 Animations (Right track fwd, Right track bwd, Left track fwd, Left track bwd) {fwd = Forward(s); bwd = Backward(s)}

The Tank should looks something like a Panzer 4 D.
{ Reference: http://s.pacn.ws/1500/la/nendoroid-more-girls-und-panzer-panzer-iv-ausf-d-383099.7.jpg }

But wait! There’s more!
The Game is planed in a way that a Tank would be played by 3 persons (Driver, Gunner, Commander), so the Model needs to be modeled from the inside as well
Note: It doesen’t need to be perfect from inside as well as from the outside.

Let me recap and make it more clear what I want.

  • A Tank model based on the “Girls und Panzer” Panzer 4 D
  • The Tank needs to be modeled from the inside as well
  • The Tank needs 2 Animations for the each track (Forward, Backward)
  • The 4 Animations needs to be sepearte useble in Unity 3D (Version 4.0.0.f7)
  • The Upper-Part (I don’t know the name of it) {Where the Gun is mounted} needs to be rotateble (Left, Right)
  • The Gun needs to be moveble (Up, Down)
  • The Driver needs a way to view while sitting in the tank, usely it’s like a Slot in the front where the Driver is sitting
  • {The Gunner needs a way to view as well} (This is optional, because in real live it useses mirrors and a binocula)
  • If you like you can add a texture like in the refernce picture (because i’m a programmer, not a graphic guy I always need help with that :wink: )

I belive I said everything now … and I know, this will get expensive … :wink:

{ I’m sorry for my not perfect english, I’m a native german guy so please don’t hate me for my english :slight_smile: }


I am really interested in this job, please check out my 3D modeling portfolio here:

And my Animation portfolio here:

Please PM me if you are interested in hiring me (along with your budget for this tank)


Thread is closed for now, I found the contractors I need.
Thanks to everyone.

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