Looking for a tutor: Character modeling in different styles (overwatch, fortnite, etc.)

Hello :slight_smile:
As the title suggests I’m looking for an actual sensei who could teach me how to create Overwatch/Fortnite style characters that are ready to be animated.

I’ve spend time on many tutorials and learnt alot but to be frank with you, I have this friend who draws amazing art and turns out he found himself a good teacher who taught him everything and forced him to keep practicing to become better.
Now I’m not asking to have my hand held throughout this situation, but I’d really appreciate finding someone who’d care just enough to teach me all the good stuff they know without holding back.
I’m also familiar with sculpting and some retopology but not too much.

In conclusion, I’m trying to become really good at creating Overwatch style characters, like really really good at it, by the end of this year.
If you think you’re up for this journey with me, then I’d love to see your work and know your price.

Thank you in advance!


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