Looking for a UV unwrapping artist

Hello, I am part of a small group of flight simulation buffs looking for an artist who would be willing to unwrap a 3d model of an aiplane for us.
We have some idea of what is involved and are willing to pay a fee for the work.
we have a model of a aerobatic jet but it has not been unwrapped for textures.

As I’m not familiar with this forum, let me know if I’m off topic or need to forward somewhere else.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello. As this is a request for paid work, I’ve gone ahead and moved it to the relavent section for you. :slight_smile:

I sent a PM ^^

Thank you!!

Sent PM ^^

hello! i’m a huge fan or planes too, here something I reaalized for 3D printing!

also , here my artstation pages so you can see soe other of my works
www.artstation.com/studioeffe and www.artstation.com/shanigawekobane
I’m up both for texturing and creating new models if you need, just write me if you are interested!

Hello Francesco,

Thanks for your reply.

This job looks like it would be familiar to you as you seem to have experience with aircraft and industrial design.

This model will end up in DCS World by Eagle Dynamics. We are sim pilots who do formation aerobatics and we have been using a custom model that is very basic and we are hoping to get a more sophisticated one.

We have someone who has generously helped us with the plane 3D model and another person who is willing to help with the clickable cockpit for the inside.

These helpers are not charging us money and because of that the work is very slow and the result will possibly be not as predictable as a professionally handled project. We have gone that route because we’re doing this for fun on our spare time.

However we are exploring the possibilities of hiring someone like you to do some of this work.

What is your pricing structure? Being new to this I have no idea of what going rates are, (and whether we will be able to afford this) how do we get started and what expectations are on your part as well as ours.

Thanks in advance for your reply.



Here’s a link to a previous team I have flown with to give you an idea of what we will do with the model:


hello again Serge, i think we can continue in PM , I’m writing you right now!

hey hello! did you see my message? :slight_smile: