Looking for Abstract/Experimental Tutorials

I’m a complete beginner in the world of 3D modeling and image making. My desired aesthetic, is much more focused on experimentation and texture as I am more interested in showing the seems of digital content than creating perfectly polished pieces. There are a lot of great tutorials out there for creating stunning, smooth renders, however I want to create things that are messier and more intentionally chaotic/unrefined. I’ve attached an image by Jennifer Mehigan, an artist whose work I am very inspired by. Just wondering if any of you know some resources/tutorials that would be a good start for creating textural collages like these.

Thanks for your time!

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You don’t really need to concentrate on abstract art related materials to accomplish something like this (in the technical sense, I mean). You’ll be exposed to all sorts of weirdness and strangeness just in the regular course of learning and becoming familiar with 3d modeling tools. From bugs to just using settings with unusual values, you’re going to see lots of interesting effects that can be employed in this sort of artwork.

And to try to be more helpful, here’s some vids I found with a quick google search.

Look at discussions for displacement, tesselation, volumetrics, and particles if you want to see a lot of odd effects.

Also, recently saw this which I thought was unusual and neat effect.

decent course (based on reviews) you might learn from

and there’s the tissue addon which I think you could use in work

Oh, and one of the drawing addons like bumarin I think would be useful for playing with shapes.

Looking forward to see whatever you come up with!

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. I’ll check out some of those tutorials today.

It will definitely be fun process of trial and error. Following tutorials, experimenting and finding my own processes.

I actually completed one of them the other day.