Looking For ADAM SYNDER!

I am trying to find someone on here named: Adam synder(if thats no your last name you know who you are!) Who I met dring a video conference and deleted his PM so I no longer no his name. If you are him then PM. If this doesn’t belong then someone tell me a diff way.

a diff way :o .

I’m not him, but it might be easier to put that name in the title, so that if he browses through the forum, he notices his name.

ok how do I do that? Just edit the post?

Yep, edit the first post’s title, or when vieing the off-topic forum, double click the title when signed in.

*Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

k thanks. I hope I find him.

bump are you on here still?

i know what it’s like to have lost a lover :frowning:

Me too…only it was a cancelled tv show…:(:(:frowning:

if you are really seraching for some person , then why dont you put it in teh STICKY column, it will be easier for persons to see on that.

What column? The sticky threads at the top? You can’t add one of those unless you’re a mod.