Looking for advices to build my website with Zope & Plone

For a long time, I’ve been longing to try Zope and Plone to build a website.

Wanted to know if anyone made his website with Zope and Plone and could point me to tutorials, advice and such…

Plus what do you think of this site http://www.objectis.org/
It seems like they offer free hosting with Zope and Plone (limited Zope/Plone applications, but hey… it’s free and would allow me to test some things)

:slight_smile: thanks !

Out of interest, why did you choose Plone and not Drupal or Joomla? Plone has specific hosting requirements whereas the others should work on any server. I’ve been wondering which to go with myself and I’m edging towards Drupal but I know Python much better than PHP and PHP seems more like Perl (yuck).

:smiley: you gave the answer yourself… I am more used to python than to PHP… And I heard Perl was less tasty then Python.

:frowning: But except objectis, I found no other free ZOPE PLONE hosting…