looking for an animator for mutual enrichment program :)

Hey guys, I’m looking for an animator who would help me with some very basic human animations I’m currently working on. In exchange for some animations from time to time, I would:

  1. Create an interactive online representation of your skills via the Unity Player and possibly in the future via Flash
  2. Obviously credit you for your work once I’m showing parts of or the finished game
  3. Allow you to show of your animation skills with my characters, if interested.

If you’re still with me and interested, here’s some details :slight_smile:
Like some of you may know I’ve been struggling for a few years now to get into the game industry. Due to many failures in the past I’ve thought of a new system to approach this and am in the beginning states of it. (Therefore I’m working alone atm)
I use Unity and am currently creating a volume based fighting system. So far I’ve got a working technical demo but due to my limited animation skills, my pace has slowed down tremendously. For example, it took me the entire day to create a reasonable runcycle and now I just somehow lost it… Guess how frustrated I am… And this is where you , as an animator could jump in and say “Hey man, I spent some minutes in blender and created you this awesome walkcycle!”. That’s basically all I need to be happy :smiley: (well, some other fighting animations over the time wouldn’t hurt either, but you get my drift, right?)

Now then the other side of the coin, you’ve created this awesome library of animations with walkcycles that look like ecstacy and fighting sequences between awesome jedi masters . You rendered it out but you still feel like a 2D (video) representation just doesn’t cut it. Then to remedy this you could send me them animations and I’d get them into unity. I’d make it possible for you to embed the unity scene file on your website (via webplayer) or offer it as a download and have people actually walking around in a level to look at your animated characters from every side. They will probably love it, especially if you created a real story.
Downside may be that it won’t look as graphically stunning as a real render, but it would definitely set your work off the masses! Also, if you wanna become an animator in the game industry, this would most certainly be a valuable piece in a portfolio.

This system would instantly benefit both sides and could be stopped at any time without damaging any party involved :slight_smile: (Meaning if you for example can’t continue to h elp me for some reason after a week or so, you’ll still get the equivalent amount of work from me as an interactive showreel. The longer you help me out, the more time I’d spend to touch up your interactive showreel.

For further information feel free to reply here or PM me. Q&C appreciated :slight_smile: