Looking for animators [france]


I’m looking for freelance animators, during April-May, to join the current project i’m working on.
French freelancers only for convenience, sorry, but remote work. Must be able to provide a valid invoice.
Ideally, experienced animators with acting and lips sync skills. It’s about animating a character talking to the viewer, explaining ideas.

Please let me know if you’re interested to know more more about the project (PM).


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only french :frowning:

Sorry about this restriction, this is for practical reasons: animation dialog will be in french, also to ease the invoicing process.

yeah makes total sense, maybe next time!


My name is Aleksand Cazal

I’m a french 3D artist based in Reunion Island

I’m not an animator but a modeller and I recently work in the studio “Gaoshan picture” for the 3D animated film " Yakari ".

I’m curious about your project, maybe we can discuss about that !

Anayway, i send you my Artstation link

and my Email

[email protected]

Feel free to contact me for this project, and maybe discuss about how we can collaborate with other projects.