Looking for Animators in Practice ( All skill Levels are Welcome)

Hello, I’m working on an animated short film called Mayhem. Works are for free.

It’s about 3 groups of robbers and a police man fighting each other and chasing each other for a bag of money. It is an action-comedy and has a total of 6 characters. There are two locations and it roughs out to be 5-6 minutes of animation. You will be given a scene to do which can be either long or short.

I have reached the animation stage and am looking for animators who have never worked on animation with a team (Although animators with all skill levels are welcome). I would like to gather a few animators so they can learn this process and apply it with themselves and others in the future.

Please tell me if interested.

Hi… i have interest…
How to apply this job?

See my portfolio in www.dmenezes.net

See you soon.

Hey, I forgot to mention that the job is for free. Are u still interested in working for free.

I am a new to 3D animating and very keen to work on this project.
Please check out my YouTube channel which contains mostly Lego animations and a couple Blender 3D short films and tests.
YouTube Link -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5lfGxgZblnb0eB93l4VNgQ/videos

Have you received my e-mail yet?

I would be interested in this. I would like to have context to fine tune my skills in this! Do you have a storyboard?

Can I have your mail. I would like to host a google hangout with you to explain the story further.

Yes, I would like to do a Google Hangout with you. When are you available?