Looking for artist for work on story board


I am looking for an artist to help with story board work for my short film. If you are interested you can check my site at cgboomer.com. I can be contacted by the form at the bottom of any page or by leaving a message here.

I am pretty desperate since I fail at stick men and I need to start setting up my shots.

Thank you
Hans B Erickson

Old dog realistic version

Ok I was thinking to go straight to idea and build old dog up, this is a realistic version, maybe it needs to be little more cartoony.
Perhaps its good idea to do sketches first but since i know be more descriptive with 3d scenes i started with modeling but ive failed with rigify…so I will try with a simple armature.

Other reference for other styles of old dog (suggestion)

Actually, Courage (the name of the dog) was known as “stupid dog” in the show. But he is very much an old dog now :wink: