Looking for artist/help with multiple models for a flight sim

Hello all.

So, let me explain what i’m looking for, and hopefully one of you can either take up the challenge, or point me in the right direction.

What I’d like to do, is help expand and enhance an existing product for the Laminar Research X Plane 11. (www.x-plane.com) A addon product for it, World traffic takes basic AI models, and uses them to create flights around the world. The problem is, no one has ever modeled planes for X- Plane, we’ve had to rely on converted models from other flight sims ( Mainly FSX)

So what i’m looking for is this. Some one who can make some models, with some basic animations, some lights, and mapped so they can be “painted” by others into multiple airline schemes. I’m not going to lie and say I have a massive budget to do this and I’m hoping that I can stretch my money as far as possible of course but I do have a decent budget.

IF this matters, once the models are made and converted for X Plane use I intend to license the models in the least restrictive way possible so that others can use them.

Thanks for all the help you can offer!

Looks like x-plane has its own internal modeling system, which can import and export obj files, and uses .png files as textures:

Blender can also import and export .obj files, so that’s all right.

I suggest you start by exporting an airplane, and then bundling the .obj file, and any associated textures, into an archive (.zip, .7z, .rar, whatever) and attaching that so we can see what we’re working with. It will give us a good idea of the detail level and texture quality we need to be shooting for.

I use XPlane, only have XPlane 10 at the moment. But I have met others who have modeled things from scratch for XPlane 10. I thought of personally taking up the project before, but there is a lot more to it than just modeling and animating. Scripting is a big thing to learn when making your own plane. I hope this is of some help for you. You can send me a PM if you would like more detailed information.

Thank you


yeah I’m not after making a plane that a user can fly, these are for AI so it does simplify things. Hopefully I can get a few folks interested since I do want to pay for it

Hey, I could help you out. I previously was working with a client on some Xplane environment scene. It was a big airport project. So I have quite some experience working with Xplane and it’s outdated world editor. Take a look at my portfolio here and if you like it message here :slight_smile:


Looks like X-Plane uses the .obj format, so we should be able to easily import and export geometry.
I suggest exporting some similar planes and their textures, so we have something to work with.

Also, this should be in the “Volunteer Work” forum, since you don’t want to pay, and this is the “paid work” section.

hello! i am really interested ! i am a 3D generalist , used to model from scratches, so if you want , take a look to my portfolio! hope to see you sson :slight_smile:

Hello,I am Ashley. I am interested about that. So, I have already send a PM. Please check and let me know. Best Regards,Ashley