Looking for artist's for RTS game

If your reading this then your probably curious or interested. If you want more info : AIM - adam00725

I have been working on an RTS demo for a while with some not that great models (but good enough). Recently an artist on gamdev.net saw my game and wanted to join.

1 programmer , 1 artist so far (want to keep the team rather small)

Still working out design
Completion by early to mid August 2007

Looking for: Creative ideas for models (futuristic, not just some tanks)
Good tiling/terrain skills
Will probably work on terrain/ world environments / structures

*Sorry to the admin of the forum, but this seems to be the most relevant place to post for this.
*Not a paid job (unless the game is amazing and we make a small profit, who knows)

Hm im no good at modeling but i could help with some music for the game, i can play guitar so it would have that kind of theme

Yea I play guitar and keys myself. Music style should be war themed tho (not really guitar rockin out). If can make some epic battle music and standard rts music (drum march), then I could use you, guitar doesnt really mix well.