Looking for assistance with simple 3d model project. (Sucker punch,Babydoll face)

Hello blender forums, I started this thread to possibly get some help with a personal project of mine. As my name suggest I really like the movie and graphic novel Sucker punch. I have started roll playing as Babydoll another game and am in the process of creating her Avatar in the game, but I’ve run into a big problem with the head and face, my OCD hates anything I make no matter how close or how good it looks.

This is the project as it is right now(posted pictures below). I’m looking for a modeler that can take my work so far and turn it into that picture on the left with fine turning or tweaking. Any help would be much appreciated. The model is fully rigged and textured already, only the shape needs to be changed.

The end of the neck is very important, where the neck would meet the body can not be moved or changed or even subdivided, these verts line up with the body it is rigged to, if they are changed the neck will no longer line up.

If you have the time or a willing heart please post on the thread, I could use any help I can get. Thank you so much if you took the time to read my babbling.

This may create a double post, I’m not sure if my other thread got lost or if it’s just taking a long time to post?


Well a small update here, things kind of went from bad to worse for me on the project, I hired a mesh artist to modify the head for me, and what I got back was not what I wanted. They did not follow the reference picture I gave them and went off another one and left it looking like this. Now I’m stuck cause I spent a lot of money on that and didn’t get what I wanted out of it, so I’m hoping someone here can help.

Who did you pay to do that? Did you even see any of their work prior to forking over money? Yeah. I can “help” (from the original, not the second) but I want to make more changes.
From what I can see, I say
[1] scale the eye area (excluding eyebrow) like 0.9,
[2] trim the bottom corner of eyelashes/eyeshade,
[3] scale/move (with proportion) the side of the cranium and top ear a little from the edge of the cheeks,
[4] darken/saturate the cheeks and lips,
[5] clean the side of the jaw,
[6] desaturate/lighten the neck,
[7] clean the nose by darkening big highlight and painting more shape…also reshaping it a little
[8] oh and adding the correct eye shadow color/amount above the eye.

You should also do a template hair to help visualize because faces are less identifiable without whatever’s on their head

So did you want that kind of advice or were you looking for someone to “do” it but want to keep the model to yourself by not sharing it with anyone unless they say they’ll help first?

why dont you post your blend and let people help you out ?
also get more frontal reference pictures and side view of her face

Posting the blend might not be a bad idea. If nothing else you might get a few different takes on it. Keeping it via pm won’t necessarily stop it being stolen or misused in some way. Definitely don’t shell out money until you’ve tried other options. Paying for someone’s time is fair enough. But within reason you should have what you asked/paid for. Assuming it was a genuine professional. :slight_smile:

Hey man, sent the ,blend and i’ll fix for ya.
And if you liked you can pay me later.