Looking for Batman fans to develop a point-and-click style interactive comic game!

Hi there,
So, First things first, who am I and why should you dedicate your valuable time and talent to this project?
I’m a college student who’s been making game models in blender for the better part of 3 years. I’ve been on a couple of indie teams and none of them has really got anywhere or taken off. I’m determined that this team will not suffer that fate.
In short, I’m a guy who has skill and wants to team up with others to make a great game!
Now, about the project
No doubt all of you are reeling in your chairs at the title, “batman point and click”.
Well, let me first get it established that by point and click I’m not meaning some 90’s horror “that doesn’t interact with that” type of game. I’m talking more along the lines of an interactive comic, switching up between well scripted action and option based dialog. For anyone who’s played the walking dead, think of that but with more stealth action.
For instance, Batman might sneak into an abandoned warehouse, and using stealth and climbing mechanics get to the control room unseen, but from there you would have to try and negotiate with Harvey Dent for the release of the hostages using pacifying dialog, or maybe even just throw in a smoke grenade. The idea behind this would be to capture the essence of the batman animated series, or the comics and keep the game flowing while giving the player choice throughout.
Blender is a good engine for this project because it will easily be able to handle the cartoon graphics, movement and actions, interaction HUD, and choices. Also, what the game engine can’t handle by itself can easily be made up for with scripting.
All I need now, is you!
I’m looking for texture artists, modellers, animators, and basically anyone else good at art, or who likes batman and can think of a role for themself on the team! (it would have to be legitimate mind, I’m not going to be allowing you on as a tester or idea generator)
Interested now? Then just reply to this thread stating your desired role, any art you might have to show off your stuff, and how to contact you.
or email: [email protected]
looking forward to getting applicants soon.
Let’s make this happen!

sounds great! do you have licences to use the batman character?