Looking for "BGE wire with physics tutorial"

I have been looking around for an older tutorial that explains how to make a wire object in the BGE using spheres attached via Ball Joints and then “skinned” with a cylinder. I can’t seem to find it here or with Google. Does anyone happen to have a link to the tutorial? I remember most of it, but I forget how to “skin” the cylinder to the “chain” of spheres.

Thanks in advance!

:: Here is my sample blend file ::
wire_test_v03.blend (471 KB)

Ok, I can help :slight_smile:

Check this out :slight_smile:

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there are no stupid questions,
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Wompa.blend (511 KB)

Rigid bodies, I would use 6dof so you can use limits of angles rather then collisions to keep the rope from going through it’s self,

So this example is a arm, but the same stuff applies :slight_smile:

solid -link- solid -link
_|ARMATURE parent

the rest are IK targets

ALWAYS --------------RUN------------- ARMATURE

Thanks, Blue! We also were able to locate the original tutorial I was looking for. It was a Ragdoll tutorial from blender 2.65.

Here it is.

Thanks for your guidance and we will likely add some of your solutions into our final scene.


No problem, there is a bad 6dof in that blend I noticed, it is shoulder linked to cube.004 ,

it is supposed to be attachment point or something or other

this kills the dependancy loop (that does nothing :slight_smile: )