Looking for bicycle rigging animation tutorial

Hi everyone. I have modeled a character riding a bicycle but I am having trouble rigging it. Does anyone know if there is a tutorial on the Internet about how to properly rig and animate a bicycle? I have searched Youtube and different online course websites, but I can’t find anything. Any ideas or proposals? I don’t care if it’s a paid course. Thank you very much in advance.

I’ve never seen one specific to a bicycle, but… I’ve seen a fair few about tank tracks and that should give you ideas for the chain. The rest should be relatively straightforward, just a lot of roundy-round, back-n-forth, and feety-uppy-downy.

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Here is a link on Blender Artist for help rigging the chain and gears w/ a blend file…
and Like @Sackadoo said, a lot of parenting and roundy-round, back-n-forth, and feety-uppy-downy.

Just about any Tank Track or Locomotive tutorial will give you everything you need, if adapted.

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Hi, as all ready been said the tank track is similar to the chain but remember the character feet are driven by the pedals and not the other way round.

Is that because the pedels and crank just spin in a circle and in-turn that will make the chars knees, ankles and thighs/legs move in a more natural way ?

It’s a very good question! ^^’

Yes thats exactly the reason, that will work only if the leg is rigged with IK.
This is made with different software but the same principle: https://youtu.be/vKhvmbUn1Yw

Here is a quick mock-up…so…when the character is on the bike… parenting of the foot bones to petals should do the trick.
biketest.blend (2.3 MB)