Looking For Bio-Animator [Freelance]

Hey there,

We’re looking for a 3D animator who has experience in creating biological animations with Blender.

The animation we’re planning to create will be something like this:

  • We start with some RNA
  • A vesicle (made of phospholipids) is formed around the RNA
  • The vesicles merge with a cell wall, allowing the RNA to enter the cell
  • Inside the cell, the RNA is translated and some type of protein is created

Most important skill is animating / modeling of the scene. (Shading, lighting, rendering, and post-processing are not essential).

If you have experience with creating these types of animations in Blender and you’re interested in a new gig, please do not send a PM but email me:

It would be great if you can share some of your previous work as well.

The deadline for the project is early March. (I will give you more details through email)

Thank you!