Looking for Blender animator (folding box structures), Pittsburgh PA area so can meet

(Preface… you don’t need to be an expert!!). I have a prototype built that I would like to animate. It is an automatically deploying (unfolding if you will), box structure. Mostly straight edges to hinge from but detail will need to be added to the walls, floor, etc. This will be an animated visualization of a wooden prototype I built of a pressurized Mars Habitat. I am an Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, and Controls Engineer that has not used CAD in many years. I have not worked directly as an industrial engineer in many years now and quite honestly… have forgotten 95% of my Auto-cad/Solid Works knowledge/abilities. I have been messing around in Blender for a while now but just not picking it up at a reasonable pace. Basically, the Habitat is a mostly hard walled structure (roof inflates and then panels can be physically added), and is a two floor automatically deploying structure. ie. legs swing down out of notched out areas within the second floor for instance that will be animated. The entire habitat has robotic wheels to maneuver and position the habitat prior to the auto-deployment so this would be animated/ modeled as well. I am definitely looking for someone local to the Pittsburgh and surrounding area so we can meet in person to show and discuss the project/prototype. I have multiple inventions patented. As an example, I have 11 small Electronic inventions, and 5 “Large scale” inventions. While this will be considered Volunteer work it could most definitely could lead to a proposal I have been putting together. I believe the most “difficult” portion of the animation would be rigging the “inflatable” material. Maybe not. I do not expect this to be a 2 hour gig. If you are passionate and have an entrepreneurial spirit, can meet in person, and willing to take a shot in advancing through life, Please, please contact me. I have even been entertaining the idea of creating an invention factory with a team of individuals with specific skills such as blender, legal, mechanical, software, electrical, etc. that would all be equal partners based on the ongoing participation within the company. Sorry for such wordy-ness. [email protected]