Looking for Blender artist to complete character

Hi all,

I’m looking for a good Blender artist to finish a character.
I will explain here exactly what I need.

I have a character that I’ve created, which has textures, armature, clothes. This one is a human.
Here is what I would like to have done…

– Armature I think should be fine, but if not, tweak to make sure everything works
– adjust clothing so that it moves ok with character (does not have skin “poke through” when moving character arms, legs, etc.
– maybe make new clothing if applicable - I will need to decide if I want to change the clothes
– adjust face texture of character - I have idea of what character should look like and want the character to look closer to this or look better if possible
– change texture to Cycles - this is not 100% necessary - I can do it, just would be nice
– make character have ability to show facial expressions (smile, frown, surprise…things like that)

If interested, please let me know and post a portfolio of your work. Thanks!


interested! https://andyartisand.carbonmade.com/

I can do that. :slight_smile: http://pathbrite.com/JonTheHillbilly/UnMU

Hi, whatever this link is, doesn’t work.