Looking for blender artists to my Roblox Franchise

Looking for someone to help me and my colleague in our big project of an completely new idea of obbys conjured with an unique story line who will make a lot of success for sure. For volunteers or for someone who accepts to discuss a percentage of robux that the franchise made. Reason: We are starting this franchise and are looking for new blender artists to work better and with better ideas.

Hello! i am interested in working with you i want you to elaborate me more.

Elaborate more? Our franchise firstly will be directed to an realistic obby sector conjured with a story line of your character. The first one that we are working its passed on an artic ambience and its about one losted researcher who have to como back to his researcher center. We need someone who knows about blender to work with more quickness and produtivity. I think that the more difficult thing involved on our first work (artic one) its the animals (there will be some to interact with the characters), and the research equipment and center. We are looking for a few guys/girls who can work in a team for free as volunteers or for robux. If everything went like planned our franchise will ascend in popularity and we will be able to do more things like an scp in a few years. We have lots of defined ideas to what to do next to this obby so we can always work a bit.

I just want to know all the references are ready so that we can start the work and let me know about the salary.

No the references still developing to make the game good as possible. About the salary will starts in a small revenue of the game and then upgrade as your work: If you were the key in the projects, work hard and do a lot for the franchise the percentage can be higher but all you will get is robux not real money.

I really appreciate your offer but i am looking for real money not robux.

This is the #jobs:volunteer-work section; jobs in this section don’t involve monetary compensation. If you require monetary compensation, this isn’t the section for you.


Hi, I am a 3d artist . I can do mid level 3d modelling but i dont made characters .If there is any work for me then please contact me thanks .
If you want to check out my work then here is my link

Thanks my and my college will discuss about the three people to contact in some days. I’ve particularly liked a lot your axe. You can make this in blender? Or are you familiarise with blender?

I am a beginner 3D Artist with beginner to intermediate level of expertise in blender ,sculptGL and GIMP GNU Image manipulation program . I was interested in your advert and am quite desperate to find work similar to yours .

Again I am a beginner - intermediate 3D artist but Can Help you with right from finding :

Concept work - turnaround , perspective .
UV Mapping - Normal AO Diffuse
Basic Rigging
Creating height maps on Gimp .

Still learning more Skills and also adding new skills need to update my art station :
here is the link : artstation.com/fiennenova

add me on Discord : fienne#8942

Also I would also like a letter of experience if possible once i finish along with a “work-for-hire” contract . I am a little desperate needed to find work right now . Just bulk applying for volunteer work …

Hoping the hear from you or get in touch on discord .