Looking for Blender Generalist 1-2 years Exp. Sydney, Australia

Paid Job

Rhythmic Films is looking for a Blender generalist for some R&D as well as upcoming action film project.
As reference, our last action film “Message Man” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FxPi1Suy_c
Soon to be released 2022 “The Spy Who Never Dies” Action/Comedy - just finishing trailer at the moment.
2022 Project “Hunt for Me” action/horror

We are based south of Sydney, Australia. Ideally the you can come and work in the office or at least be able to travel to the office for sessions/briefings/direction
Casual / Part time initially (full time during post production 3-5 months - longer if things work out)
Experience 1-2 years experience (but if you are more experienced, reach out, there might be some ops too)
(general modelling ability, say building environments a good understanding materials and shaders, placing lights & cameras some basic animation, what ever else you have dabbled in.)
*Positive “can do” attitude and enthusiasm is critical.
*a passion for film (Action / SciFi etc)
*need to be able to manage your time
*be comfortable working on optimisation, creating processes, how do we do X say “faster, simpler, more cost effective”
*working as part of a team, engage in brainstorming technical and creative ideas and solutions
*fancy yourself as director or leading a team someday
*hours could be flexible

**we work remotely (globally) with a range of VFX teams and artists but we really need someone/s in house or near by, to work hands on with the creative team.

Start Feb 2022

If interested, send me a couple examples of your work. The weirdest sh$t you have created in Blender (models, renders or animations) …and most proud of!! Send a brief note about where the idea came from, what was the creative/technical challenges and how did you overcome them, how long it took, worked on as part of a team (what was your role and contribution) or by yourself, if you were to do it again what would you do differently.

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