Looking for character animator for a fight scene


Happy holidays!

I’m looking for a skilled Blender character animator to partner with that would like to work on a promotional video for a game. The task is to animate a fight scene between a few characters. Looking for about a minute of animation, I’ll share the rough storyboard in PM, roughly would be about 20s of characters walking up to the scene, preparing for a fight, ~25s melee and ranged combat shots, ~15s low action scenes again.

I’m only interested in animation, no modeling, no rendering, the characters will be provided. Detail level isn’t anything crazy, no shots are close ups, no facial animation, hair sim etc., also if something proves to be a big challenge the storyboard can be adjusted somewhat.

I’m a freelancer looking for a partner on a project for a client, the client would be the one hiring, but I need to get the client an estimate first.

Time wise pretty much as always asap is best, but no clear deadline right now.

Please provide your portfolio / reel, daily or hourly rate (I can shoot over the storyboard first if necessary) and availability.


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