Looking For Character Modeler

Hello there!

(Before I start I just want to say I don’t know much about modeling myself or the process of it, so when I am describing things in this topic it may be vague or confusing.)

I am looking for someone to model, texture, color, and adding fur based off of a reference sheet of my Sergal. I am not looking for anything hyper realistic. I am looking for the quality of the model to look closely to the reference.

The project would be making a 3D model of my Sergal (SFW). I don’t want the clothed version of him just the naked version of him. For what I envision the model to look like in the end is a fully modeled, colored and fur model based off of the reference sheet.

I have no idea how much something like this would cost. We can discuss about payment.

Reference Sheet:

If you have any questions feel free to ask in this topic or send me a DM.


What is the intended use for this model? Animation, still renderings, or something involving more of a real-time calculation, like use in a videogame engine or something like that?

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Hello there KamBru!

The intended use of this model would be for still rendering and in the future animations.

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I am no longer looking for someone to make my model for me. Thank you all for showing interest!