Looking for character/VFX artist for two spec commercials

Hey, all. I am currently producing and directing two :30 spec commercials with an agency creative director and am in need of a Character/VFX artist. These are spec commercials, so we are not being paid for them but I am willing to pay a Blender artist for their work. They are both for national brands and involve a CG car and a CG beast. They are cinematic in style. Both models will be realistic and composited into live action footage with real actors. So any Blender artist we bring on should have experience with this type of work. We already have a car model with needs some slight clean-up so that shouldn’t be much work.

We are currently in pre-production, have concept art and storyboards fleshed out, and have a casting call on July 12th with 600 potential actors already lined up for auditions. Both commercials will be shot mid-July with post-production wrapping by the end of July.

Again, these are spec commercials and we are not being paid to produce them. They will be used for pitching and reels. I was going to do the 3D work myself but have decided to step out of that role to focus on producing and directing the commercials. Although I am not being paid for these commercials, I am willing to pay a Blender artist out of pocket to come on and work on these. Since I am not being paid for these spots and will be paying out of pocket, I am looking for a talented artist who is willing to work with me on the pricing for the work. I want to make sure it is a fair rate for you as an artist and for me as a director. I would also expect these projects to lead to more work as part of a crew we turn to for all of our commercial spots.

Please send any work samples, resumes, rate, and/or reels to [email protected] . We are looking to get underway as soon as possible.