Looking for Clean, Subtle, Logo Animations / Intro's [Freelance]

Hey guys,

We’re looking for a Blender artist who can create some clean/subtle logo animations in Blender.

To give you an idea of what we have in mind, we want to start with re-creating a bunch of After-Effects projects like these:

Later on, we might want to experiment a little and let you create some of your own things in the same style.

An important requirement is that the Blender projects are really efficient in terms of render speed. So using some tricks to make it render faster is key!

If you’re good at this sort of work and are interested in doing some paid projects, please do not send PM’s but email me:

If you deliver really solid work we will very likely make this a long-term gig.

Thanks for your attention!

I have sent u a PM please take a look.