Looking for collaborators for the Unreal Film Jam 2019

A screenwriter and I have 3 scripts/stories and we are looking at producing one of them for the Unreal Film Jam. Creating content with Blender and rendering in Unreal Engine 4.
A bit about us:
We are a couple of creative guys from Sydney, Australia. I am a generalist, looking to use Blender as much as I can. My current reel is here: https://vimeo.com/293791591
Our screenwriter is here: https://www.mircoguidon.com/

Depending on who (what skills they are bringing) and how many people can help, will guide us to which idea to pursue.

We are keen on working with concept artists, animators, modellers and texture artists. Perhaps also Lighting artists and VFX artists. We can be working with up to 3 people as per the limit of 5 collaborators stated in the rules of the comp.

The result should be something nice to put in your reel and also put your work in front of Epic and Blur studios. If we were to win anything it would be equally split.

DM me a link to some examples of work and how much time you can put in between the 21/9 to the 13/10. Hope to hear from you soon and please pass this along if you know someone who would be interested.

I’m new in blender I want to join in your team