Looking for critique on composition

Not finished with textures and modeling but would be interested to read some critiques about composition.

First time I’m doing this;) To make it more readable I’d try a DOF separating the elements and choosing one to emphasize. Aranging elements in a receding spiral with the main one placed in a point at a third of width&height from the edges is a classic safe recipe.

Which software did you use for composition?

Obviously I’m waiting for my pc to finish render another one with different cam settings. So stay tuned bestelix.

Blender, 2.80 Beta

Much better with another cam setting.

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First, you have an exposure problem to deal with, as the “histogram” tool will quickly show you. The lower third of the frame is seriously under-exposed, and in fact the intended subject – the eyes – are surrounded on three sides by darkness.

Compositionally, the eye will be drawn to the “brightest and most-contrasty” part of the image, then wants to follow a closed circular light-path that takes it through the frame and returns it to the original point. Once the lighting is better-balanced, that path will become apparent and the picture will begin to work.


Right now, some of the details are hard to make out, and it’s hard to determine exactly what is going on.

I see what appears to be a lion being constricted by a snake, but the bottom half is so dark that it’s not so clear.

Now I’m not saying you should make everything bright, but some accent lighting and a more even distribution of light and dark could be useful.

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Obviously yes. There is a missing prop at the bottom that should reflect light that I’m working on so blacked out the area on purpose. It’s kinda a roman ruin or sort of and while I’m struggling a bit with the 2.80 Beta UI. Ty guys and stay tuned.