Looking for feedback: Low-cost servers & rendering

Hey guys,

I apologize for “advertising” like this. A friend of mine is using Blender a lot and recommended I try to ask here if anyone would be interested in testing out a new server offering. We haven’t launched yet and are specially looking for people who want to try it out. In return we give everyone 3 month of unlimited servers.

You can check it out here: https://bearcloud.co

What’s different?

  • We have extremely competitive pricing with both HDDs & SSDs
  • Our competitive pricing is not from cheap hardware but from the fact that we run special micro-data centers where the generated heat is used to heat buildings
  • Our micro data-centers run in very cool, secure locations (100% Germany) such as the old building of the European Central Bank or inside Power Plants

Currently we offer pretty much standard plans. I’d be very happy to receive any feedback on what we could improve or offer that is attractive to the CG-Community. Also if you think our pricing is not competitive enough for how you would use it, we are open to suggestions on all fronts!

Really: any feedback is very much appreciated. There is much hosting providers out there and we really want to stand out and offer the best experience & product to you.

Again I am sorry for intruding here. Happy to give free months to everyone interested in testing us out, just send me a PM.

Looking forward to your feedback!