Looking for Female low poly character modeller for unity fps game [ FULL CREDIT ]

Hi , I am currently developing a FPS Game inside unity 3d , And i need a clean modeller to model a female character for me .

Here is the characters description :

Thank you , I am looking really forward to hearing from you!

My Current character has worked , but it cannot be rigged succesfully due to triangle polys from modifiers by accident , and now it cant be rigged.

I will give FULL CREDIT at the start of all my videos for you .

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Triangles arent bad on a low poly model, unless the placement is way off. The thing is that every square poly is cut into two tris with an imaginary edge. I can only imagine tri’s being bad if you have a subsurf or catmull-clark multires modifier on your model.

I have a partial female model lying around somewhere, which you could use (I’m not finishing it though). It doesn’t have a head, or feet… but I suppose you could add those quite easily. Let me know if you want it.

Hmm Sure send it over through private message , it will be better than nothing … As for my model , dont worry about it , its not going to work