Looking for free webhosts

I’m looking for free webhosting (which preferably supports PHP)

can’t you search for the other threads?

the answer is pretty much that you aren’t going to get a free host without really annoying advertisements that supports php [or any server side scripting] without meeting some other condition, like being a nonprofit or perhaps that being your blender site

I use 50free.com (details in link), and they’ve been fairly good to me.

I use 2w.ca free hosting which is AWESOME. For 50 posts a their forums you get an account with 300mb webspace, 10GB bandwidth, PHP, CGI, MySQL three-click forums installation and best of all, no ads!

My site that I host with them is here: http://iindigo3d.com/

You can find 2w.ca here: http://2w.ca/

:o :o :o
thx a LOT

just don’t be surprised if it suddenly “dissapears”…
Most good free webhosts like that do… :wink: