Looking for freelance blender artist for product modelling

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I’m looking for a blender artist who can help out with an internal project, that involves 3d modelling of a product based on our 2d illustrations (done in illustrator).

I need someone who’s available and has a good eye for design. This is a one-off project, and we will be requiring the final blender file(s) so we can do further renderings/amends internally.

This is an example of the sort of thing we’re after http://work.repponen.com/UP-Memory-Tower

Could we have a rough idea of your rates and relevant examples of work as well, please.



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PM Was sent,
Thank you.

(tibor_dp) #3

Thanks everyone, we have a few good people on email now. Will reopen updated this and reopen posting if needed. We’re good for now.

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Sent you a PM

(SendyZ) #5

I am a 3D generalist mainly focusing on product visualization.
You can check my portfolio at

Especialy check adidas and cannon animation.

Please reply on email [email protected] if possible.

Thanks for your time.

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hello! sending you a message right now :slight_smile:

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PM’d you now. Cheers