Looking for "Guess verticals" cam shift like in vray

In 3dsmax using vray, the vray camera got some option called “guess verticals”. It shifts the cam to make vertical lines parallel. You can do this manually in blender to.
Is there some add on around doin this automatic like in max/vray?

You can shift the camera with the shift X and Y values in the camera settings. Don’t know if that is the same as you are talking about.
Demo from blender 2.43 when it was introduced

yes i know its possible rot/pos the shift the cam manually in blender to achieve the same result but not automatic. the vrav cam tries to keep the fov but all vertical lines are parallel.
Often used in architectural photography…
Add on needed i think

we need this automatic function feature

something like this?


yep exactly!

.Doing archiviz without this camera feature is very poor. Really noone in need of this feature? Anyone got a an idea how to achiev this not using yafaray?
Examples using max with vray:

Before hitting “guess verticals”

and the result:

Come on you python cowboys, must be an easy thing:)
thx dave

Here is nice tip on this matter. But it would be really cool if we could have camera correction like in 3ds max where you can add it as modifier to camera.


As n1k links to. You basically create a horizontal camera and then you just change its Y shift. So you need to work the other way round. In max you set a camera and where it points and then correct it, in blender you create a corrected camera and then by changing its shift you point it where you want (vertically).

thx for your replies.
yes i am aware of how to do it manually. But this is very uncomfortable way to find nice views so we need some aid…