Looking for help on a time sensitive project


I am looking for some help on a project that I am involved in which is time sensitive. This is a paying job.

Here is what I am currently looking for on this project:

Creating an environment – straight roadway with a few crossroads / driveway entrances with specific roadway markings (dash and solid lines) to scale (based off a scaled google earth) in imperial units and the terrain along the road (photographs provided). Scene to include terrain – grass, trees, telephone / electric poles, and billboard sign etc. Length of roadway / area to be modeled about 600 feet or so.

Also looking for a person who can rig a bicycle (model provided and scaled) and place a character (made in either MakeHuman or Human creator addon) on the bicycle.

Lastly, looking for a person who could take a trailer model (I will provide the model and dimensions) and make a few adjustments (move the two rear axles closer together) and rig the tractor / cab with the trailer (I will also provide the model of tractor / truck).

If interested, please contact me offline (PM) message me for more information and email contact.

Also, this job could lead to some freelance work on other future projects.


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